• Question: do you enjoy your jobs

    Asked by Joel on Samples on 12 Mar 2021.
    • Photo: Joy Ommer

      Joy Ommer answered on 12 Mar 2021:

      Yes, a lot! It is super interesting and I am learning new things every day!

    • Photo: Sarah Wolstencroft

      Sarah Wolstencroft answered on 12 Mar 2021:

      Yes, I enjoy that my job is often involving problem solving as it feels like I’m learning as I go along. I also enjoy that what I’m doing has a positive real world impact.

    • Photo: Camilla Negri

      Camilla Negri answered on 12 Mar 2021:

      Yes! Sometimes it’s hard because you don’t know the answers to the problems you’re looking at and you’re trying to solve, but that’s what makes the job exciting! I now mostly work on my computer and I miss the days I spent in the lab or in the field, but I still enjoy my work.

    • Photo: Chris Carlton

      Chris Carlton answered on 12 Mar 2021:

      I think the reality of work is that all jobs involve aspects we don’t enjoy or we find tiresome and that the likelihood is if we didn’t need the money we probably wouldn’t work. However being involved in the funding of science helps you feel that the work is worthwhile and that you are contributing to something good.

      The scientific aspects of my job, such as getting to grips with proposals for physics research funding are much more interesting than the more administrative tasks!

    • Photo: Mirella Vivoli-Vega

      Mirella Vivoli-Vega answered on 12 Mar 2021:

      A lot! Sometimes it is hard but every day is a discovery and tiny step for understanding how nature works. I am so enthusiastic about my job that I wake up before the sun rises and run to the lab.

    • Photo: Christopher Woods

      Christopher Woods answered on 12 Mar 2021:

      Yes, very much so. I feel very lucky that I can be paid to do this work 🙂

    • Photo: Chloe Lewis

      Chloe Lewis answered on 16 Mar 2021:

      Yes! I really enjoy my job. There are certainly some aspects of my job that I find more fun but that will be the same with most things!